What Hardware Can Extract Bitcoins?

bitcoin mining

Topical models for Bitcoin mining: Antiminer S7, Antiminet S9, Antimner D3. The release of these ASICs is engaged by brand Bitmain. The key indicator of miners is power consumption and hashrate. Model S9 has a hashrate of 12,000 to 14,000 Gh/S (gigahashes per second). Power consumption: 1300-1400 watts. All these miners are mining according to the Scrypt algorithm. Running model Antiminer S9 with a hashrate of 13.5 Th/S and a consumption of 1400 watts will cost 2200-2500 dollars or 150,000 rubles. Buyers have to buy from the Chinese – only they produce them on an industrial scale.

Features ASIC Antminer S9 for mining bitcoins

In the summer of this year, a new ASIC appeared in the world of cryptocurrency. If to characterize it in a few words, then we can say that it is very powerful, very fast and quite expensive. The developers did not stint on the most advanced technology. Moreover, each individual element is far superior to earlier versions. Miners can buy ASIC AntiminerS9 for two thousand dollars.

The new model has an updated version of the Bitmain interface, which takes a minimum of time to configure. In this case, the user can receive the necessary statistical information in real time. All information is grouped in the appropriate tabs and categories, which greatly simplifies working with them. But the key performance characteristics of the installation are the following performance indicators:

  • The level of energy consumption is 1172 W/h.
  • Hashrate is 11.85 tx/s.

It is clear that the development of such hardware for mining Bitcoin invested a lot of money, and to create it yourself, with your own hands is unlikely to succeed. The creators of AntminerS9 have managed to significantly increase the speed of mining of virtual coins and at the same time reduce the level of electricity consumption. When comparing the models of S7 and S9, it becomes obvious that the hashrate has almost doubled.

Such a powerful jump is quite justified, because the complexity of the mining also increased significantly. In addition, the new version of ASIC is equipped with two coolers. The fans are located on the sides of the installation, so that the processor cools much better and faster. Acquaintance with the technical characteristics of AntminerS9 causes the majority of cryptominers to immediately buy mining equipment Bitcoins. But first you need to prepare for it enough free space, taking into account the dimensions of the model: 35×13.5×15.8 centimeters. Special mention chips deserve. If 135 chips were installed in S7, then there are already 185 of them in the new version.

The approximate current yield of Antminer S9

It is quite natural that such a large investment in the purchase of the latest model of ASIC makes one want to know what profit this investment will bring. The updated version of the device will replenish the budget of the cryptominer by an average of $ 7.29 per day (excluding the cost of electricity). At the same time to calculate the profitability of hardware for mining, the following indicators were taken for bitcoins:

  • The reward for the mined block is 12.5 Bitcoins.
  • Hashrate is 11850 gigahashes .
  • Power does not exceed 1172 watts. When the price of electricity is $ 0.02 per hour, its consumption per day is $ 0.48.

Even if the cost of electricity slightly exceeds these indicators, the result will still be quite impressive. If the user intends to buy Bitcoin-miner ASIC, it is best to make a purchase through a solid online store. Only in this case, the freelancer can be sure that he will receive a quality product with a guarantee. If ASICs are purchased using bulletin boards or suspicious sites that sell goods with a big discount, then it is quite possible to come across scammers.

On what to get Ethrerum – video cards (GPU).

Mining of Ethrerum is possible only on video cards. Unlike Bitcoin, a different algorithm is used here – EthHash . Therefore hashrate of ASICs and farms to compare incorrectly.

For efficient mining, miners combine GPUs into farms. For the operation of this design requires a processor with PCI slots (number of slots = number of video cards), a powerful power supply, a frame. The work of the farms is accompanied by the release of heat from the video card fans and the characteristic sound. Powerful units provide a cooling system.

Due to the growing interest in mining, the cost of video cards in the world has doubled since the beginning of 2017. Those who want to start the mining of ether or other currency often order equipment in the USA or in China. Against the background of the cryptocurrency boom co-operatives created ready-made farms. Groups of such entrepreneurs buy video cards, motherboards, carcasses in bulk abroad and then sell to the general population at retail. The cost of farms for mining ETH ranges from 1000 to 15000 US dollars.
Popular models of maps for mining Ethrerum and other altcoins on the EthHash algorithm:

  • NVIDIA GTX 1080
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060
  • AMD RX 480
  • AMD RX 580

The fundamental difference in the purchase of GPU and ASIC

By purchasing an ASIK-miner, you are forever attached to the production of cryptocurrency according to a specific algorithm. In the case of the Antminer S9, this is Sha-256 and Bitcoin. For profitable mining Litecoin, other miners implemented. If the complexity of Bitcoin mining increases significantly, there will be no good options for changing directions. Only mining forks are available.

Actual ASIC models are available in China. Warranties for ASICs are not issued, repair is almost impossible. Delivery of miner from China takes 2-4 weeks. Because of the duty on purchases of over $ 1,000 on the Internet, miners often buy installations in China.

Video cards give great flexibility to miner. It is possible to switch from mining one cryptocurrency to another. For example, from Ether to ZCASH.

One of the problems is the growing cost of the GPU and the exploitation of the farm. Installation takes more space compared to ASIC, requires cooling and control of the work.

Advantages: the availability of warranty, the possibility of repair and re-sale.

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