The ONOchain test platform will be available at the end of 2018. After auditing and full load testing, the official main network will be deployed in 2019.

ONOchain will be using the EOS main network similar EOS.IO software to adjust customize for the ONO environment, creating a consensus mechanism, wiout purchasing a RAM, and support millions of TPS to fully open source it as well.

The ONOchain code will be uploaded to Github.


ONO DAC's Super Partners

Super Partners are the loyal guardians of the values of the ONO social network and are the managers of the social networking content which needs to be collapsed. Not only that, the Super Partners are obliged to pass on the values of ONO to others, plus develop and assist more Community Partners and Volunteers.

The mission of the Super Partners is to maintain the security, freedom and decentralization of the ONO social network, properly manage harmful content, prevent abusive behavior from spreading, and transmit the values of ONO. This will be the prerequisite for the development of the ONO social network.

The Super Partners should be: loyal, kind, self-controlled, humble, possess long-term vision and embody firm beliefs, and willing to serve all of humanity.

Super Partners have the following characteristics:

  • The total number of Super Partners is no more than 51 persons, who are elected through the public election system.
  • The Super Partner does not need to belong to any enterprise or entity, only to the decentralized DAC organization.
  • Super Partners are a special type of DAC organization. Although they are ONO DACs, their incentives are not derived from the ONO DAC operation rewards pool.
  • The Super Partner is similar to the administrator of the ONO social network. Unlike the traditional centralized platform, the Super Partner's authority is subject to the Common Program. Clearly, the user's power over the Super Partner can be realized (i.e., through complaints, impeachment, veto, and general elections). And, most importantly, the Super Partners and all the users share a set of common values rather than being divided by conflicting interests.
  • Super Partners also have certain duties: content management, third-party application management, participation in ONO operations, markets, technology iterations, etc.