The ONOchain test platform will be available at the end of 2018. After auditing and full load testing, the official main network will be deployed in 2019.

ONOchain will be using the EOS main network similar EOS.IO software to adjust customize for the ONO environment, creating a consensus mechanism, wiout purchasing a RAM, and support millions of TPS to fully open source it as well.

The ONOchain code will be uploaded to Github.

Learning ONO

What is an ONO DAC?

The ONO DAC is a decentralized autonomous community. The DAC functions by dividing operational tasks and distributing them publicly. This ensures that ONO operates transparently and without management. Participants do not need to be employees to be part of the ONO DAC.

The values of the ONO social network are freedom, equality, social co-governance and diversity. ONO was inspired by the vision of Lao Tzu's approach to public governance which coincides perfectly with the way a DAC operates, thus the ONO DAC was born.

What is a DAC?

  • Management discretization
  • Autonomous voting mechanism
  • The decision process is 100% transparent and irreversible
  • There is no central authority,Members may come and go freely
  • Relationships are collaborative
  • Organizations are highly connected

ONO DAC incentive mechanism

n the smart contract, 2% of the ONOT issued daily, (a total of 273,973 ONOT) is reserved for the ONO DAC operation pool, which is dedicated to ONO DAC operations.

The ONO DAC operation pool will use the DAC's governance approach to jointly resolve the accounts.
All decision-making processes, operations, operating costs and execution results will be published, and the expense reports will be recorded and tracked on the blockchain.

In order to prevent collective corruption, users have the right to supervise and influence the use of ONO DAC operating expenses through a referendum.