The ONOchain test platform will be available at the end of 2018. After auditing and full load testing, the official main network will be deployed in 2019.

ONOchain will be using the EOS main network similar EOS.IO software to adjust customize for the ONO environment, creating a consensus mechanism, wiout purchasing a RAM, and support millions of TPS to fully open source it as well.

The ONOchain code will be uploaded to Github.

Learning ONO

The ONO project consists of three organizations.

The first one is ETERNAL EMPIRE LIMITED, an independent company in Samoa. Its core responsibility is to initiate the ONO project, commission technology development and operations, and cooperate with local governments to regulate and engage in commercial affairs.

The second organizational entity is the Australian company NOME TECH PTY LTD., a company that leads privacy, security research and blockchain technology development. The company holds a contract to develop the ONO platform by 2021.

The third partner is the ONO INCORPRATED Foundation for community ecosystem development, decision management, and commissioning of teams around the world for marketing.

Determines the core shareholder and investor share ratio specifications. Protects and promotes ONO protocal technology research. Proposes blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations to work towards a standardized set for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Improves smart contracts. It is Eternal Empire Limited's job to securely issue ONO tokens.

NOME's role is to develop, support and nurture commercial enterprises, and to help integrate these businesses into ONO's distributed blockchain ecosystem.

ONO is developed in two ways: technical team development and direct investment into startups.

ONO has established R&D centers in key locations such as Australia and China, and will develop the community by assisting existing companies in implementing blockchain strategies and developing distributed applications for ONO software for major industries. Participating companies can get assistance from specialized companies in the ONO community who will focus on developing business applications for companies looking for solutions in their respective industries.


Formulates and allocates project voting rights. The ONO INC Foundation is responsible for foundation elections and regular meetings, as well as protecting, strengthening, and evolving the ONO ecosystem. This foundation also holds the responsibility to gather, educate, and nurture ONO communities. The foundation is committed to becoming an international platform for more individuals and businesses to join, and participate within it.


Founding team

About Ke Xu
Founder l CEO

Ke Xu is the CEO and Founder of ONO. A serial entrepreneur with her first experience in blockchain as a Bitcoin miner, Ke Xu previously founded ERA, a social network with 10 million users sold to Cheetah Mobile. She was also the founder of CryptoDogs, a blockchain-based DApp game which generated 20,000 ETH the first day. Founded in 2018, ONO is backed by $16 million in venture capital funding from traditional and blockchain investors including Cheetah Mobile’s CEO, Fu Sheng, INBlockchain, Zhuolu Capital, China Growth Capital, Grand Shares, and Korea Investment Partners.

Ke graduated from the University of California, Riverside and the University College London at the age of 19.

About Maggie Chow

Maggie is the CMO of ONO, where she oversees the company’s brand and marketing strategy. Previously she lead branding and marketing for Keep, China’s largest fitness app. With Gold Awards for innovative marketing practices from Top Marketing and the Jinyuan Awards under her belt, Maggie has worked with the jewelry brand, Darry Ring, and was also the head of marketing for Jane Financial Market.

About Torres Zhang
Economic Eco-Designer

Torres Zhang is the Economic Ecosystem Designer at ONO. With extensive experience in financial mathematics designing secondary market trading strategy models including Currency Futures Trading Strategy Model, Ether Currency Quantitative Trading Strategy and Time Series Momentum Trading Strategy, Torres is responsible for leading ONO’s development of its data ecosystem.

Torres graduated from the UK University of Kent with a Master’s Degree in mathematics at the age of 20.

About Yongchao Chen

Yongchao Chen is the CTO of ONO, where he oversees the social network’s technology including blockchain development and smart push algorithms. Following positions a Sohu Technology Center in Beijing as a product director, his experience spans from research and development in Artificial Intelligence, eventually devoting his focus on blockchain technology in 2015.

Yongchao graduated from Wuhan University.

Product Director

DiYin is a successful entrepreneur and IT expert, she has worked in Yahoo China for 5 years, was responsible for user analysis on email/IM products.

In 2011 Yindi started her business, the cinema ticketing system, and mobile ticket purchasing application, where the company owned over 40% of the market.

In May 2015, she became director of Jianli financial products. With the outstanding experience of Yindi in the IT field, Jianli products have become used by an influenced people in the finance industry.

Today Yindi is the Product Director at ONO, and she is responsible for the entire ONO ecosystem products.

Jeff Ma
Chief Technical Partner

Entrepreneur, more than 10 years of management experience in advanced technology fields and having handled several projects in billion streaming.

He has been involved in entrepreneurship in various fields such as family entertainment, traveling, preschool education, social chess, and beta distribution. His former companies all obtained multiple rounds of financing or were successfully listed.

He has served as R&D supervisor of "Aisiqixiang of living room computers" and executive vice president (VP) of "Handheld airport". He joined "Huiwo Network" as the first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in an early stage and got the company public. He independently established "Poker Winner" as CEO/ Producer. He joined early "" as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and has served and distributed more than 20 million applications.

Since 2011, he has been paying close attention to blockchain technology and collaborating with Ke Xu on "Cryptodogs".

Now he is the chief technical advisor of ONO.

About Fang Xiao
Chief Legal Officer

Fang Xiao is the Chief Legal Officer for ONO. Certified to practice law in both China and New York State, Fang oversees ONO’s legal affairs and leads the revision of the Common Program. He is affiliated with CanNova, Fudan University’s science and innovation center, a member of the Legal Advisory Committee of Changjiang’s Institute of Education (China’s core think tank), Legal Advisor of China’s Sunshine Education Research Institute, and Legal Adviser to the Hubei Pharmaceutical Association. He was the chief planner and host of the 2014 high-level forum on the Application of Intellectual Property Law, where the Supreme People’s Court, the United States Federal Circuit for Appeals to the Circuit, Apple, Tencent Group and other element organizations attended the forum.

Fang received his bachelor's of Law from Wuhan University, and graduated with his Masters in International Law from Korea International Law Management University. He also received his Masters of Intellectual Property Law from George Washington University.

About John Milburn
Main network partner

Internet user/developer/manager since 1976. UC Berkeley - Nuclear Engineer. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory - 10 years Senior Scientist. Recruited to POSTECH (Korea) in 1991 - Chief Engineer, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory. Early advisor to Korea ISPs, Kornet, Boranet, Chollian, Hitel, Shinbiro, Kreonet, Hananet, KREN.
Dacom (now LGu+) Internet technology and business leader, division head. At Dacom, invested/supported early Internet companies including, Daum, NC Soft, Interpark. Created Dacom BoraNet corporate Internet service. Created KIDC - First Internet Data Center in Korea. Created WiFi voip service (my LG070) and corporate IP-PBX service (DCS). Advisor to CJ group, AIG, KT CEOs YK Lee and SC Lee.
Gmarket investor and Director. Led NASDAQ IPO (2006). Negotiated $1.2b cash sale to eBay (2009). Digital currency innovator, in ganme gold and item trading. Invested to many successful startups, with multiple IPOs and trade sales. CEO of Fast Distributed Cloud Computing. Creating new authentication protocol at FASSKey Technologies. EOS blockchain technologist.