The ONOchain test platform will be available at the end of 2018. After auditing and full load testing, the official main network will be deployed in 2019.

ONOchain will be using the EOS main network similar EOS.IO software to adjust customize for the ONO environment, creating a consensus mechanism, wiout purchasing a RAM, and support millions of TPS to fully open source it as well.

The ONOchain code will be uploaded to Github.

Ecological cooperation

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Institutional investors

  • 松禾资本
  • 华创资本
  • Nblockchain
  • 逐鹿资本
  • kip
  • gs
  • gss
  • horman
  • kyzb
  • ric
  • sec
  • wlanc
  • ayzb
  • ac

Strategic Partnerships

  • eos
  • mixin
  • candy
  • eoshost

Media Partners

  • 虎嗅

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