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Why does ONO Want to Run?

As the time for the main network to rollout approaches, the EOS Block Producer competition has become heated.
Where everyone is competing for the throne, we made a choice: ONO wants to run to become one of the EOS global 21 block producers.

Carrying out and implementing a prosperous EOS ecosystem

The goal of EOS is to construct a decentralized operating system that doesn’t serve the early EOS holders.
The revenue of EOS block producers should be used to support DAPP incubation, construct social community meetups for promotion operations and continuous research. This will consume a lot of resources and capital. This is also the responsibility every block producer
As a participant and contributor in the EOS ecosystem, we refuse to engage in any negative behavior that affects the entire EOS economic system.
As a block producer, if we pursue immediate benefit and choose the direct consequence, if we choose to make a good strategy for an individual or a small group of people, then it will lead to the collapse of the entire economic system in the long run.
Our team is able to differentiate, and EOS has relatively similar values. This explains we will be able to abide by them to carry out this project.

Complete dedication and determination

My team and I are already fully involved in this career without reservation—this is our determination.
ONO will be the first social network DAPP based on EOS and ONO is more interested in the prosperity and sustainable development of the whole EOS ecosystem instead of short-term profit.
ONO is bound to become one of the EOS Block producers and we know that our responsibility far exceeds the honor it brings.

Remarkable developer experience and understanding of the ecosystem

The ONO social network not only possesses the ability and resources to run a social community, but is also able to deepen developers’ understanding and experience of the ecosystem.
We hope to be able to help EOS complete the incubation, investment, and service work development in all of mainland China.

ONO block producer’s accomplishments

Our block producer team

ONO has the strength to protect the EOS network security
The ONO team has developers with abundant experience in open platform, WEB, and mobile terminals
  • Jeff is the CTO for the fir.im application market. His architecture serves over 20 million APPs.

  • Torres is a UKC genius advanced placement student.He graduated with a masters degree in financial mathematics at the age of 20 with perfect scores.He single-handedly developed many trading strategies such as the “Ethernet Quantitative Trading Strategy”and the “Time Series Momentum Trading Strategy”, among others.

  • Micky was a full stack developer and technical director for Kingsoft,Linekong,and other companies. He has over ten years of architecture experience and has single-handedly created companies that were eventually acquired by other companies.

  • It is worth mentioning that Zheng Shuhao (from Tingshua University’s Cross Information Institute, top 1 student in Shanxi province college entrance examination, winner in the one of the 30 most powerful brains competition) number one team leader has also joined ONO.

ONO will not change its mind because of market volatility—this is not our goal

Our team has over 40 people, all of them EOS holders. As a developer, I don’t pay attention to hypes in the second-level market. The EOS I hold focuses on ideals (our team is basically the same). What we have is because we believe in this large project of EOS, and we are not expecting EOS to give us fast money.

Remarkable developer experience and understanding of the ecosystem

Bribery should be absolutely prohibited. Bribery under serious circumstances will lead to the possible collapse of the EOS economic model.
But, possible distribution of dividends must exist. The difference is the purpose, time, and scale in which it is used.
EOS is just like an early-stage organization; it needs block producers to drive many resources to complete three stages of healthy development: The initial stage (slow growth), the growth stage (fast growth), and the mature stage (slowest growth).
Just like the initial stages of setting up a company, we believe that investors must have determination and look forward to profits in the long term, this is very important. Otherwise, conflicts will arise when investors demand fast profits at the early development stage of the company.
Therefore, there should be no early distribution of dividends.
The three stages mentioned above will form an S curve. In it, the most important part is the second stage. Its length and scope will determine how much the company can develop.
ONO believes that rational distribution should be to encourage the ecosystem’s development of community and incubation of DAPPs as the main goal in the initial stage.The strategy is moderately radical, accompanied by resource-supported killer products, ensuring the striving for quality in the market.
In the growth stage, strategies should be changed to support more side chains and EOS main chain efficiency services. At the same time, other input doesn’t change or is slightly increased—at least half of the initial DAPP investment will be used to support intense expansion and the other half for dividends.
In order to ensure the S curve’s length and slope, dividend redistribution should be carried out at the appropriate times.
In the mature stage, the EOS ecosystem has already entered a stable scope and status.The overall value will also change qualitatively. It is appropriate to adopt a prudent strategy and make adjustments to prevent the ecosystem’s future from possible errors and collapse.
This time, the block producer operating costs and social community protection fees will become low. Many ecosystem investors will also generate considerable profits.The ONO block producer will have more capital to use in distributing dividends to voters. It is worth mentioning that ONO will not receive dividends and all the necessary amount will be used to give back to the voters.
ONO will have strict distribution of the benefits generated by the block producer since the EOS ecosystem development stages are not the same. They will strive to meet the needs for the development of the EOS ecosystem.

Remarkable developer experience and understanding of the ecosystem

To thank you for your unconditional trust and work for ONO, as long as we are not destroying the EOS ecosystem’s development and apart from maximizing the expected . long-term benefits, we want to thank voters on behalf of ONO social network keynote partners, joint-construction partners, and ONOT.
At the same time, ONO will make contributions to the prosperity of the EOS ecosystem and increasing the benefits of the voters is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

ONO’s determination

ONO developers come from all corners of the world. The main team and the server architecture is in Beijing.
The ONO team has a strong engineering culture and designer complex. We carry a pure ideal and come together to give birth to ONO, a social network based on EOS.This is not just because the founding team firmly believes in EOS, it is because EOS and ONO have similar values and vision.

EOS ecosystem

The ONO developer team hopes to become one of the EOS network global 21 block producers; become the protector of the security of the EOS network; become the constructor of a prosperous EOS ecosystem; make contributions to the entire humanity.

Right to vote

Every EOS symbolizes the right to vote. ONO needs you in the future to take a sacred vote for ONO with your existing EOS.

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3月26日 13:27

发布了头条文章:《今天,我要竞选EOS超级节点。》 ONO‘s The One。 今天,我要竞选EOS超级节点。 ​​​​

Today, I want to run for EOS Block Producer.
Three questions: Where do I come from? Who am I? Where do I want to go? Revealing my story. —My speech for running for EOS Block Producer.
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